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English baptismal classes normally meet on the second Saturday of the month at St. Mary’s Church at 9am. They last approximately one hour. Parents and Godparents are required to attend. Godparents may attend a class in their home parish if they live out of town.

Please contact the parish office  at 970-926-2821. For Spanish classes, contact Carmen Fragozo at 970-446-1102 or email her at

Pre–registration and completed paperwork is mandatory.

Bautismo 2Since the earliest times, Baptism has been administered to children, for it is a grace and a gift of God that does not presuppose any human merit; children are baptized in the faith of the Church. Entry into Christian life gives access to true freedom.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1282



Dear Friends,

Congratulations! We believe that every child is a precious gift of God. It is truly wonderful that you wish to share your faith with your child, for Jesus Himself said: “Let the children come to me.” As you begin the challenging but rewarding task of bringing up your child in the Catholic Church, you undoubtedly have many questions and concerns. Here are a few steps to help you begin the planning your child’s Baptism.

Step 1: Reflect on the importance of faith in your life
In preparing for your child’s Baptism, you should ask yourselves some questions: “What place does God have in our lives?” “What place does the Church have in our lives?” “Are we striving to practice our faith?” “What sort of faith do we want for our children?” “Where do we intend to go to church?”  Your answers to these questions should directly affect where and when you choose to celebrate your child’s Baptism. For a Catholic, the desire to have a child baptized should indicate an acceptance of the teaching of Jesus Christ as handed on to us by the Church. The Church urges all Catholics to practice their faith in a particular parish family.

Step 2: Connect with the Parish
Canon Law requires that there be a “well-founded hope” that the child to be baptized will be brought up in the Catholic faith. The only way that we as a parish can confirm this is through active participation in the life of the church. Therefore, parents of the baby to be baptized must be registered, active members of St. Clare’s and St. Mary’s Parish for at least six months before scheduling a baptism. Families who have recently moved to our parish can, in lieu of the six month registration, provide a letter from a priest at their previous parish or another priest confirming their practice of the faith. Grandparents who are active religious educators of their grandchildren can request baptism for them, provided the parents affirm that they will not interfere with the Catholic formation of the child. Expectant parents are encouraged to register in the parish (if they have not already done so) prior to the arrival of the baby.

Step 3: Choose good godparents
In accordance with Canon Law: Parents must select at least one and not more than two godparents. When two godparents are selected, one must be male and one female. Godparents must be at least 16 years old and mature enough to undertake this responsibility. Godparents must be fully initiated, practicing Catholics who attend Mass on Sunday, receive the sacraments regularly and see to the religious instruction of their families. Godparents must be canonically free to carry out this position. Those living in an invalid marriage or cohabitating are ineligible to act as godparents. The parents of the child to be baptized cannot act as godparents. One non-Catholic can be chosen but will serve only as a Christian Witness, not a Godparent.

Step 4: Attend Baptism Preparation Class
Parents and godparents must also attend a baptism preparation class prior to the baptism.   Baptism preparation classes are normally held in English on the second Saturday of the month at 9:00am at St. Mary’s at 215 Capital St. in Eagle, CO. This class is a requirement for both the parents and the godparents if they have not attended a prior preparation class within the past two years. Pre-registration for the class is mandatory. Parents are encouraged to attend a class prior to the birth of their baby. Out-of-town godparents may take the class at a local parish in their area and present the certificate of completion to our parish prior to the Baptism.

Step 5: Choose a Christian name for your child
The Church does not want your child’s name to be inappropriate for a Christian. It is best if the child’s first or middle name is shared by someone well-known for Christian faith and goodness. Choosing a saint’s name gives your child a hero to imitate and a helper in prayer.

For more information or to register:

Contact the Parish Office at 970-926-2821.


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