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Religious Ed. for Children

children education

Program Overview

At every Baptism, a child’s parents make a promise to train that child in the knowledge and practice of the faith. St. Clare of Assisi and  St. Mary’s Religious Education program serves as an aid to parents to keep the promise that they made to God on the day of their child’s Baptism. As an aid, the Religious Education program does not replace the duty of the parents to hand on their Catholic Faith at home. Parents must make it their duty to live the faith at home.

Expectations for the family

The family should be a place that encourages the spiritual growth of each individual in falling in love with Christ and His Church. This can happen through daily prayer, attendance at Sunday Mass, frequent Confession, and sharing with one another the shared gift of the faith. Nothing that is taught in the Tuesday evening sessions will take root unless it is encouraged and studied at home. Every family involved in the Religious Education program has the duty and responsibility to continue the discussions started in the children’s classes. If anyone does not fully understand the what or why of a Catholic teaching, they have a duty to find out more.

To register or for more information

Contact:  The Office of Faith Formation at St. Mary’s
Gelasio Velasco:  970-446-1104